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Frequently Asked Questions

1) How long is my ad online? 39 days.

2) What is the process of posting an ad?
- Click on "Submit an ad", fill out the information form.
- Click submit at the bottom.
- You will also receive an email with a link to edit your ad.
- Click on "Submit payment" - once payment goes through, your ad will be live on the site.
- Your ad will be online

3) Why is there a username/password login to view email addresses?
This is to prevent your email address from being easily picked up from scammers and spambots. The username/password are connected to our message board script in which over 10,000 people are currently registered on. If you wish to have your email address more accessible, place it in the ad description.

4) How do I remove an ad?
You can use the same link which was sent to you to approve it. If you do not have this email you can click on "Edit My Ad" and enter the email address associated with the ad. This will send you a link to a page that will list all of the current approved and not approved ads for this email address.

5) Are there any thing to be concerned of?
We can't stress enough to KEEP IT LOCAL, anyone from out of the area or if they mention payment via cashier's check are scams - 99% of the time. It's a good idea to at the very least to talk to the person on the phone and insure they have a local number.

6) How can I change the picture?
Currently, we only allow one upload per ad. If you have multiple items, you might want to make a collage of your picture into one pic before uploading.

7) Picture isn't uploading?
If possible, resize your picture down to a smaller size first. The program will resize it down to a maximum of 450 pixels wide and 450 pixels high.

Any comments or questions? Please email the webmaster. Maplewood Online LLC (973) 762-0119